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1 January 2015
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1 January 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Look at these machines go!

The dust is really kicking up out back with all the heavy machinery doing what they do best. MAKE NOISE! 🙂 All kidding aside, a lot of work has been done in the few short months since construction began. Many of our members have shown up and volunteered their time, energy, and sweat to make this center the best.

We want to thank the guys over at Forklift Train The Trainer for volunteering their hard work and forklifts to help move these materials around! It’s quite a mess in the back and side parking lots but these guys maneuver and buzz around like it’s no problem at all. A couple members are actually gaining onsite forklift trainer experience for free!

The money saved from their generosity is going right back into the center so we can continue to provide a family-oriented atmosphere offering tons of classes like cooking, aerobics, and kid’s karate, just to name a few. If you get a chance and want to come see all these big machines in action, stop out this Saturday at 1:00PM. Kids get a free hardhat!

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