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Ridgeway Leisure Centre - Ridgeway Leisure Centre

8 December 2016
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We just got back from Tulum!

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Nestled in between the deluxe hotels, white-sand coastlines as well as celebration chaos that make up Cancun, you’ll find a little history. Tulum is separated right into 3 locations: the pueblo (community), is the functioning heart of the area, with shops, cafes and cost effective hotels and also hostels; Tulum Playa, the coastline, is where a lot of the luxury low-rise hotels, stylish dining establishments as well as yoga resorts lie; and Tulum Ruinas is the archaeological site where the remnants of the Mayan city of Tulum stand.

If you choose to vacation on a Royal Caribbean Ship, you could be sure that your expenses such as transportation, food and also holiday accommodation also when your checking out islands.

The west coast side of the island supplies an option of calm clear beaches and also accommodations that range from cost-effective bed and breakfast to opulent hotels that give deluxe as well as comfort. The Western, or Leeward island side, is located on the Caribbean Sea, as well as the waves and waters are rather calm, as well as the majority of the beachfront “ruinas de tulum” located on this side of the island.

Positioned to the eastern & south of Mexico as well as north & west of Venezuela, South The U.S.A. the Caribbean islands are indisputably paradisaical!  These were our favorite 🙂 The off season in the Caribbean is taken into consideration to be April 15th via December 15th, as well as if you reserve your trip during this moment you can save quite a lot. Tours into the Sian Ka’a can be scheduled in Tulum itself, or with your traveling agent before you depart.

You can take your place at a treadmill and also see the ocean go by. It’s a rather one-of-a-kind experience! In Aruba, the distance of beaches and city-based restaurants is not a problem since much of the high-rise resorts are clustered together, allowing you the liberty to walk around the city at your personal ease. If you do not require all the amenities as well as classy services that feature a deluxe resort, there are also several low-rise resorts that have totally furnished kitchen areas.

We can’t wait to go back next year and take a few more people!

14 December 2015
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Four ways to repair your roof

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Roof repair is among the more common home improvement projects. This is a costly endeavor, but it is essential that you mend issues when they appear. Understanding your options can allow you to budget of having any work finished in advance.

Among the very frequent forms of shingles is the asphalt layout. This stuff has asphalt on underside and top using a fiberglass center. The surface has tiny rocks embedded in it, which help secure the item from the impacts of the sun’s beams.

These shingles are also the least expensive choice, and nearly all roofers understand the best way to install them correctly. Obviously, you’ll need to replace this stuff about every 20 years.


If you do not mind spending more cash on your roof repair, metal may be considered. Usually seen on commercial buildings or farms, these panels have become popular on residential properties. These as well as tiles, which seem similar to routine shingles, are just two primary options.

Metal sheeting has its advantages. These surfaces usually have lifetime guarantees and are long lasting. In addition, they resist heavy hail and wind.

Likewise, there are several drawbacks among the advantages. You’ll need to clean the area occasionally, as there are lots of grooves for debris to accumulate if you were to select tiles over panels for instance. The greatest drawback that most consumers agree on is the price.


Among the more conventional options for a house is wood. But this choice is decreasing in popularity because of the danger of fire. This stuff is prohibited by some new building regulations unless it’s been treated with a fire retardant substance.

Wood shingles might be a great choice, as they’ve a very long lifespan, typically running 50 years between replacements in drier climates. On the flip side, any house in a wet climate will need to get the surface cleaned to be able to eliminate lichen and moss.

This roof repair alternative is expensive, running about $17,200 on a two-story 2,300 square foot house.


In case you would like a Spanish-style house, after-market clay shingles are essential. These tiles are well suited for dry climates and long lasting. You do not have to go with a conventional fashion that is reddish, however. Newer alternatives can look like slate or wood. Unlike wood, this stuff does not burn.

An important matter to notice is the size of these tiles. The guys over at Stratford Upon Avon roofing contractors want to remind you that you must ensure the surface of your house can support the weight in case you are updating to this stuff. People who live in places that are wet or have regular hailstorms need to be constantly aware that the area often needs to be cleaned and inspected for damage.

Roof repair is a requirement. Should you wait until it needs to be done, you most likely will have a wet floor. But if you’re willing to spend a bit more cash and plan ahead, you can update your surface to something that’s much more permanent. You may also regain about two-thirds the cost of the brand new roof when you go to sell the residence.

1 January 2015
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Look at these machines go!

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The dust is really kicking up out back with all the heavy machinery doing what they do best. MAKE NOISE! 🙂 All kidding aside, a lot of work has been done in the few short months since construction began. Many of our members have shown up and volunteered their time, energy, and sweat to make this center the best.

We want to thank the guys over at Forklift Train The Trainer for volunteering their hard work and forklifts to help move these materials around! It’s quite a mess in the back and side parking lots but these guys maneuver and buzz around like it’s no problem at all. A couple members are actually gaining onsite forklift trainer experience for free!

The money saved from their generosity is going right back into the center so we can continue to provide a family-oriented atmosphere offering tons of classes like cooking, aerobics, and kid’s karate, just to name a few. If you get a chance and want to come see all these big machines in action, stop out this Saturday at 1:00PM. Kids get a free hardhat!

1 January 2015
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Please excuse the mess!

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Hey folks! The expansion for Ridgeway Center’s newest facility add-ons has now begun, so please excuse the mess. Many materials are being stored in the side parking lots, so please use the main entrance while construction continues.

The expansion will allow us an indoor basketball court as well as upgraded men and women’s locker rooms. The children’s corner will be moved upstairs in what is now the banquet area.

While we undergo construction, all facilities will remain open.

If you want to volunteer your time or resources, all donations are welcome.